Anna Luz Pueyo

expert social design

visual communication
+32(0)496 80 54 72

Anna Luz first studied graphic design and then industrial design (including product development). During her studies she took part in three international design exchanges in Chile, Scotland and Germany. Through various internships, including at Collectif Dallas and Vraiment Vraiment, she focused on participatory processes in public space. In 2024, Anna won the New European Bauhaus prize in the Rising Stars category for her project ‘The Station’, a rewilded food forest with shared infrastructure such as grain mills and bread ovens that are managed in commons.

Anna Luz uses her perspective from product development to look for better solutions together with the users of the space. With her ‘can do’ mentality, she is also the perfect person to go deep into the field. Finally, her strong graphic skills always help in creating the right story for different target groups.