Jordi De Vlam

expert urban development

process management
urban policy instruments
+32(0)496 80 54 72

Jordi is a registered urban planner. After an initial course (bachelors) in environmental management and landscape development at HoGent and KASK, he studied urbanism and urban planning at Ghent University. As part of his master’s thesis “No horizontal metropolis without farmers”, he participated in various workshops around l’Espace bleu de l’Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, organized by Studio Paola Viganò. He subsequently started working at this international firm, where he collaborated on projects and competitions on various scales (from regional visions to master planning) and from design to implementation. He was also project manager for various projects in Flanders. Finally, Jordi has acquired a lot of knowledge of local authorities, including through his work experience as an urban planner, designer and project manager at the intermunicipal company IGEMO.

Jordi enjoys co-creating with initiators, actors and stakeholders and working with them to make socially valuable solutions feasible. For example, he often works in public spaces on permeability and greening projects, including garden streets, neighborhood greening and playgrounds for schools. His experience with the preparation of urban policy instruments and regulations is also a valuable asset in many projects.