Ken Nguyen

expert urban design

site analysis
scenario analysis
impact analysis
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Ken graduated as an architect from RMIT University in Melbourne and SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. His interest in social transitions and how they bring about spatial transformations led him to the master’s program in Human Settlements at KU Leuven. Ken strongly believes in the need to integrate both qualitative and quantitative research methods to gain new insights for a socially just and sustainable use of space.

As an urban designer, Ken has built up expertise in area developments and infrastructure projects in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Belgium over the past 15 years. He worked for the local government in Melbourne as well as for various architectural firms such as Grimshaw Architects (UK) and St├ęphane Beel (Belgium). His investigative mindset in combination with broad, international experience ensures that Ken can quickly think at different scales and tackle urban issues in an interdisciplinary manner.