new economic zone Gosset

Flexible rules for innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship.



Vision exercise and building coalitions with strategic landowners for an industrial zone.

The large-scale Gosset business park has an excellent location in Dilbeek near Brussels (Belgium). The local government wanted to provide maximum support for sustainable entrepreneurship in this area by moving away from traditional planning approaches and obstacles to innovative economic activities. In co-creation with the local government, pioneering companies and strategic landowners in the area, we therefore looked for flexible rules that are better adapted to the new economy. For example, we formulated proposals for a broader mix of sectors and activities, higher building heights to stack functions and create open space, and the replacement of rigid parking requirements in exchange for sustainable mobility solutions. At the same time, we started looking for opportunities and coalitions with all actors to redevelop this industrial zone into an attractive, lively gateway to the core of the village. In addition to a strong identity for the companies present, we also considered a ‘community business park’, with functions and social control after working hours, and the upgrading of a fragmented subzone with outdated homes. With this vision, the local government could start exploring alternative urban scenarios while most of the lessons learned are also applicable to other industrial zones in the territory.

Partners: KRAS Architecten