recreational village center

From an old police station to two village squares with a recreational program.



Participation, design of a master plan, feasibility analysis and negotiations with real estate developers for a strategic project with public real estate.

The local government of Zedelgem (Belgium) was looking for support with the reconversion of an old police station in the village center. They were curious about what role this site could play for urban renewal. A brief analysis confirmed the potential of this site as a strategic project, but in order to determine the right program in the right place, we first helped the local government to define a vision for the broader village area. Participation with citizens gave us additional insights into the various challenges in the village. Together and step by step, we designed a master plan for a well-connected village center with attractive public space in combination with a recreational program to attract visitors and support the local economy. To this end, we also helped to redesign an already planned public space redevelopment project just in time. Our master plan has now been validated as a strategic link between the local government’s spatial policy plan and the different developments in the field. Following this vision, we entered into negotiations with three real estate developers who were active in the area. By adjusting their plans, we created extra pedestrian and cycling networks, more green public space and architecture that meets the needs for local identity.

Partners: Stadim