historic farmhouse Te Brieze

Heritage as a keystone for open space.



Design and feasibility analysis for the redevelopment of a rural area with a historic farm.

On behalf of a real estate developer, we mapped out the development potential of the rural project zone around the historic farm ‘Hof te Brieze’ in Aartselaar (Belgium). First we did a historical analysis of the area and the existing farm complex that has been identified as architectural heritage. This showed that the project site has always had an agricultural character with ‘micro-landscape rooms’. Given its location in an agricultural area, redevelopment is only possible after drawing up a new spatial implementation plan (RUP). Based on a consultation with the local government, we formulated specific advice to arrive at a coherent area vision and targeted development process with the various landowners. In our preferred scenario, the remaining fragments of the farm and the moat were incorporated as the keystone of an area development that creates a vista of the landscape behind. In addition to upgrading the farm complex and safeguarding the open space, we made proposals to tackle the urban sprawl in the entire project environment.