community school De Zandlopertjes

New primary school with shared sports infrastructure.



Design of a master plan and feasibility analysis for a PPP school construction with real estate development.

Following a call from the Flemish Government Architect Team (Vlaams Bouwmeester), we were commissioned by the public education organization GO! to draw up a master plan for the new school infrastructure of De Zandlopertjes, a primary school in Bredene (Belgium). First we conducted research into the pedagogical project and the optimal spatial functioning of the primary school. To develop the concept of a community school, we worked with the municipal services to find the right program by, among other things, determining the spatial needs of local associations. It became clear that a shared, multi-purpose gym could be an added value. But to succeed in our objective, the analysis at the area level was decisive. Depending on the financing needs of this PPP school project, we looked for opportunities for additional real estate development within the same area. We helped to qualitatively integrate a mainly residential program, both within the school infrastructure and in the surrounding residential fabric. Finally, in co-creation with the local government, we looked for additional opportunities for social added value. For example, we formulated a number of recommendations to improve the quality of the school environment and how parts of these could be integrated into the real estate development through urban development charges.

Partners: OYO Architects, Stadim