neighborhood park Zevenhuizen

From a monotonous land development to a diverse project with a neighborhood park.



Design of a master plan and negotiations with real estate developers for a land development.

In Lint (Belgium), the local government was confronted with an obsolete design for a land development by three real estate developers and a social housing company. This development proposal was designed in legal compliance with the spatial implementation plan (RUP), but was completely against the ‘spirit’ of this plan. In this assignment, we first supported the local government in finetuning their vision on this area. With concrete ambitions and clear requirements, we then looked for more ecologically and socially valuable urban scenarios within the same legal framework and with a financially feasible real estate program. During our research, we entered into co-creation with the designers of the real estate developers. By helping to conduct constructive negotiations and following a transparent process, we once again built a trusting relationship between all parties. The result was a master plan for a water-resilient land development with a large neighborhood park and diverse housing typologies.