valorisation OCMW-site

Former social welfare building as a green gateway to the center.



Design and feasibility analysis for the redevelopment of public real estate.

Due to a relocation of services, the local government of Schilde (Belgium) wanted to investigate the redevelopment possibilities of the former social welfare center (OCMW). For this assignment we designed several urban scenarios which we also analyzed financially to demonstrate the potential of the site. By first investigating the site and its surroundings, we looked for opportunities for ecological and social added value. Located on one of the main roads, on the border between a residential park and the denser buildings of the village center, we believe this site is ideally suited as a gateway to the core with a speed-reducing effect. To create such a ‘gateway effect’, we provided concrete advice for a landmark building in combination with a redesign of the public space (including road narrowing, adapted road lighting and additional green infrastructure). We put forward a residential programme with a qualitative integration of a mobility hub. We also demonstrated that the impact of this site could be significantly higher by including the adjacent plot in the redevelopment.